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Get ready to be amazed with customized hardware that uses cutting edge technology to bring you flawless Virtual Reality experiences.

It all starts with the HMD: Head Mounted Display. At VirtuaWerks®, we use the HTC Vive BE version and the all new HTC Pro headset. Using advanced motion tracking, lightweight headsets, ergonomic controllers, and amazing sound; the immersive experience offered to the player is unmatched. With the advent of newer technology; we gladly offer an Upgrade option, to keep your gear at the bleeding edge of immersive technology.

HTC Vive

At the heart of the VirtuaWerks® system is the computer core that drives the HMD. We custom build every system inhouse using high performance parts and software. From liquid cooled processors, Dynamic Memory processing, high performance power supplies, top shelf graphic processors; that would make a hard core gamer green with envy; the VirtuaWerks® computer system is the only choice to provide a high level of quality and durability.

Computer Parts

We don’t stop there: we offer many other additions and enhancements to elevate your Virtual Reality experience to beyond standard. Using new gear like Haptic Feedback vests, custom built controller attachments; and even environmental enhancers like air, fog, rumble floors, motion chairs, dynamic lighting, and scent generators; you can make your location the destination of choice for your customers.




At VirtuaWerks®, we strive to make your investment in the world of Virtual Reality the best it can be. Dedicated fabricators with years of stage and set design, special effect experience, and prop design; our artists can bring your imagination to life; making experiences that your customers will be begging to come back to try again and again.




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