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NEXXUS - Custom Multiplayer VR

Side-by-Side 2-player Wall Mounted Unit

  • 8ft x 8ft or larger station chambers custom fabricated for any installation  
  • Custom fabricated High Performance VR Core Computers (i7 Processors)
  • HTC Virtual Reality Wireless-Adapted Headsets
    • Each with (2) Hand Controllers and (2) High Performance Batteries (with pack)
  • Charger Station/Hardware Display with all Wires and High Speed Hubs   
  • Touchscreen Operator Station/Command Center PC powered by Synthesis
  • (2) 32” Spectator TV Screens
  • (1) UVC GermReaper Cleaning Wand
  • (1) 32” Touchscreen Games Info Kiosk with video previews of available games
  • 90 day Warranty covering Manufacture defects
  • 6 Months of Included Tech Support with the option to renew

Optional: UV Blacklights & Remote Controlled Custom LED lighting, Lighted Custom Signs, Animated Holograms; et cetera

Optional: Touch-Free/Cashless/Phone App Pay-to-Play with Tigapo

NEXXUS - Installed Examples




Swing Suite Golf Simulator

Enclosed Style Suite; Top Down View 

  • Top Rated Pro Golf Simulator Technology
    • Easily upgradable/moveable, custom designed for installation space
    • FSX2020 Gaming Software
      • Access to a Library of World Class Courses
      • Advanced Swing Analysis of the Player’s Game
      • Additional game experiences (Footgolf, Soccer, Glass Break)
    • Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor:
      • 4 High Speed Cameras
      • 2 Infrared Sensor Arrays
      • Ball Capture range for both Left and Right Handedness
      • Tracking for every type of Golf club
  • Artificial Turf Flooring with Raised Launch Pad
  • Curved 9ft wide by 8ft tall Projection Screen (Can be customized)
  • Touchscreen Operator Panel
  • Custom fabricated High Performance Computer (i7 Processor)


Swing Suite 3D Render




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